protip: hydrated chia

chia is a tiny seed that packs a massive amount of protein and fiber, and boasts high contents of omega 3, antioxidants, calcium, vitamin c, iron, and potassium.

the real magic of chia is that it can absorb its liquid environment—which means that as you digest chia seeds that have been sitting in water or juice or almond milk, they release the liquid that’s plumped them up, keeping you hydrated long after you’ve consumed them.

my favorite preparation is a tablespoon or two of chia in a cup of water with a splash of cherry juice and a dribble of grape juice concentrate; shake it up in a lidded jar and let sit for at least 15 minutes. i love to drink this before a workout so i stay hydrated without having to deal with a sloshy stomach, or in the morning to jump-start my appetite.


digital detox

family dinner, silence beads, basket of blankets, typewriter, tea, building the fire, lemon coconut truffles, gratitudes, sweet potato curry with cabbage slaw and quinoa, getting lost in the redwoods.

“i went on a date with myself and never called myself again” — neta

i am grateful for newness, and for sameness.

“right now this house is full of light and love and warmth. we’re back from montgomery, sitting together in front of the fire, and there is laughing and discourse and guitar. another reminder that i want my life to be different from how it is now, but i don’t know in what way.”

i am grateful for my body and my mind, which in the real world never feel like enough but here are just right. i am grateful that my body and mind are now strong enough to embrace and participate in all the ways i challenge myself.

“the world is so big and overwhelming and beautiful and frightening and i don’t know its meaning or my purpose.”

real world: digital detox.