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my first giants game

thanks to susan’s roommate’s mom’s boyfriend’s friend, we had these pretty spectacular seats. there were gluten-free hot dogs and hot chocolate when we got cold (protip: there is no such thing as bringing too many layers to at&t park), buster posey came out in the 7th inning, and a puppy licked my face on the way home.


coming home

coming home from rochester to the cats and alex, who was housesitting and stayed an extra night so i wouldn’t have to get home late to an empty apartment.

making two breakfasts in the morning: puffed flax with apples, almonds, blueberries and chocolate almond milk. fried eggs with hummus and sauteed green beans.

listening to reggae while we cooked and ate.

taking two buses to get to bazaar (worth it).

reading man’s search for meaning.

iced tea and japanese rice soup with smoked salmon.

hot strawberry cherry tea.

jeff buckley’s cover of hallelujah.