parking tickets

Dear University of Rochester,

Please stop emailing me every two weeks about my outstanding $50 parking ticket. I haven’t had a permit since 2009, which is when I got that ticket. I’m definitely not going to pay it, ever.


Delinquent Dropout


coming home

coming home from rochester to the cats and alex, who was housesitting and stayed an extra night so i wouldn’t have to get home late to an empty apartment.

making two breakfasts in the morning: puffed flax with apples, almonds, blueberries and chocolate almond milk. fried eggs with hummus and sauteed green beans.

listening to reggae while we cooked and ate.

taking two buses to get to bazaar (worth it).

reading man’s search for meaning.

iced tea and japanese rice soup with smoked salmon.

hot strawberry cherry tea.

jeff buckley’s cover of hallelujah.

rochester in june

tap and table with tigran. lincoln county lemonade. all the tyler hugs. so much snuggling and talking and lounging at knoobles bungalow. falling asleep with my head on tyler’s lap, watching gilmore girls.

emily’s bachelorette party. sauvignon blanc and pork belly and lamb stew and grilled octopus at good luck, then girl talk and cocktails at amy’s. weird to be on upton and for jeff and katie not to live there anymore. coming home and trying to take a picture of ty and tim snuggled up watching a movie, but it wasn’t conveying the tenderness of the moment, so i wrote about it instead. chocolate milk and kitchen chats.


rain. sleeping in. more rain. watching “friends,” looking for jobs. abundance with lou, then abilene. monkey porches and ginger ales and jeopardy. gluten free pulled pork at the new east ave wegmans. crossing delancey: the greatest birthday present. more rain. more “friends.” more jobs.



waking up to say goodbye to ty and tim, who were going away for the weekend, then back to sleep until the wedding. i put on makeup, and a milly dress, and jack rogers, and pink nails. valet parking at the MAG. crying as soon as emily walked into the hall. sugar mountain cupcake frosting. IRIS!! driving to abilene in the rain, which felt so good, knowing the streets and the places and the routes, everything right where i left it. johnny. shots of grand marnier, closing down the bar. back at the house, whiskey and music and talking.

rain. abundance in my pjs for sad rainy day snacks. big lawn in the evening: man bar, whiskey gingers, grilled salmon, the slinky and mr oreo, listening to records and playing and prancersising and some serious talks, too. crying on the way home because being back in rochester feels like home and makes san francisco feel…not.



brunch with katie at the owl house, mimosas and breakfast nachos: scrambled eggs, pepper jack, salsa fresca, avocado puree, chipotle-lime vegan mayo and stewed black beans on tortilla chips. century liquors to get ty and tim a thank-you bottle–apple pie moonshine–and some hudson bourbon to bring back with me. sitting on the porch of the garson street house with diet cherry cokes, talking about all the girls things to the late-90s r+b soundtrack of a little kid’s birthday party. sticky lips: cherry bomb pulled pork and cider mustard slaw and being surprised by styrofoam take-out containers. crawling into bed with ty and tim, catching each other up on our respective weddings. watching lost in translation while downloading music we’d been listening to at big lawn. tim digging up an album for me from the deepest annals of the internet.



iced tea at equal grounds with emily. portlandia. hugging ty goodbye in the rain. magnolia’s on lou’s couch.