i don’t think this is what bob marley meant


i made jam once in 2009—which was when i decided i hated making jam. i thought the use of powdered pectin was nonnegotiable, and using it meant measuring and caring about proportions, which is just not how i roll in the kitchen. i turned all of my mason jars into drinking glasses and abandoned all hope of ever having homemade jam on my breakfast toast.

last week, i had an over-abundance of farmers market strawberries on the verge of going bad, so i decided to see what would happen if i cooked them. i added some water and sugar and lemon juice and zest, and guess what—they turned into jam!!

since then i’ve had a hard time leaving the kitchen. do you know how many things can be turned into jam? here, i will provide a list:

meyer lemon cherry

meyer lemon blackberry

honey vanilla bourbon apricot

lavender nectarine

white balsamic strawberry

regular balsamic strawberry

heirloom green tomato

champagne grape

jam is now one of my favorite things to make, and there are many many more jams in my future. i’ve gotten some pretty great reviews so i’m open to peddling my wares and happy to take requests!

a night at the berkeley house

last night we made dinner at emily and alex’s and i wished there was a piece of technology that could capture feelings. i always feel home when i’m with them, especially when i’m there at the house. we cooked, picked spinach from the garden and grilled chicken in the back yard, and it felt like being in rochester, at a dinner at chester’s. we are dinner at the low table in the living room, sitting on low pillows, by candlelight, with a fire going. later we had chocolate that tasted like blackberries and i fell asleep by the fire.