a dinner party

emily just finished a huge project at work so we threw a surprise dinner party for her—

colorful letters on computer paper, with stamps and drawings and colored with rainbow chalk, strung together on twine to say “congratulations emily” and hung across my living room. flowers in mason jars and scotch bottles. a huge multicolored mylar parrot we named bernie, “laying” a blue farmers market egg in a brown bag nest. a moleskine with a bookmark stamped with emily’s name and a heart that alex and i made with our thumbprints. the coffee table set with candles and flowers and and mugs of lavender rooibos tea and a pitcher of lemon water with party straws that looked like peppermint sticks, and cushions from the couch to use as seating.

there were no leftovers.

it was a perfect night, full of love and warmth and caring and belonging and joy and gratitude.

(and a killer soundtrack.)


the menu:

spring mix, roasted lemon brussel sprouts, toasted pumpkin seeds, chia cider vinaigrette.

wild king salmon pan seared and finished in the oven, with some delicious mystery rub that matt concocted, and sliced avocados.

steamed artichokes with a dipping sauce of grapeseed oil, minced garlic, minced basil, salt and lemon juice.

cold cucumber soup: chopped cucumber marinated with leeks, garlic, lemon juice, dill and salt and pureed with chicken stock, finished with grapeseed oil.



i am grateful for…

my support system.

the knowledge i have about how to heal my body, and the curiosity and resources to learn what i don’t know.

the kindness to myself that is inside of me, even though it is obscured by the self-doubt and negativity that makes it inaccesible.

not having a drug or alcohol or food or sex or shopping addiction, not having legal trouble, not being in debt.

my car, my phone, my parking spot, my apartment.

my ability to use public transportation, figure out how to navigate anywhere i end up, pay my taxes, do my laundry, apply for jobs.

not knowing what it’s like to live somewhere that you desperately need to find a way out of.