weekend at the berkeley house

saturday night, by the fire in the garden:



woke up to family breakfast. alejandro had gone out for coffee and bacon and everyone made something—pesto scrambled eggs, sweet potato home fries, lemon and garlic asparagus, massaged kale—and we ate outside in the sun in our pajamas.

treasure island flea to finally get something to put on my walls. food trucks, acrobatics, word games, sitting in the grass by the water listening to 60s records.






a night at the berkeley house

last night we made dinner at emily and alex’s and i wished there was a piece of technology that could capture feelings. i always feel home when i’m with them, especially when i’m there at the house. we cooked, picked spinach from the garden and grilled chicken in the back yard, and it felt like being in rochester, at a dinner at chester’s. we are dinner at the low table in the living room, sitting on low pillows, by candlelight, with a fire going. later we had chocolate that tasted like blackberries and i fell asleep by the fire.