is it wrong to prefer the misquotes?

35 Classic Movies You Might Not Realize You’ve Been Misquoting


honest toddler, july 2013

@in_my_ears playlist, august 1

van morrison – into the mystic

poison control center – some ordinary vision

yeah yeah yeahs – art star

lydia loveless – more like them

warm weather – a promise

bad bad hats – it hurts

nmh – king of carrot flowers pt 1

jamaica – i think i like u 2

fort frances – how to turn back again

brooklyn brothers – come on girl

wolves in the attic – pink mist

okkervil river – pop lie

wizard oz – i want to try

cosmonauts – emerald green

nick waterhouse – some place

ivan & alyosha – on my way

r stevie moore – california rhythm

nathaniel mayer – mr. santa claus

true mad north – sweetie

the lossy colls – secondhand store

poison control center – give it a try

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