tonight I’m grateful that there’s so much food in my fridge that I’m struggling to make it all fit


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should we eat quinoa?

the nutritional value and culinary versatility of quinoa are a no-brainer. i eat fairly little meat, fish and dairy, and can’t have comparable grains (barley, farro, couscous, bulgur, wheatberries) because of my gluten intolerance, so quinoa has been an invaluable part of my pantry.

recently, though, whether or not i should continue eating quinoa has been a tough call for me: did you know that since quinoa become so popular in america it is no longer affordable for the bolivians who have grown and harvested it for hundreds of years and for whom the andean grain is a dietary staple?

the answer for me has been to use quinoa sparingly, making a cup or two every month or two. is that still to much? what are your thoughts?