quick fix for an umami craving

Soba noodles sauteed with shredded napa cabbage, tossed through with a miso sauce—rice vinegar, sesame oil, cider vinegar—and topped with black sesame seeds



fort mason market with jehnna.

brunch: goat cheese and yellow squash scramble with dill; crispy rosemary roasted purple fingerling potatoes with balsamic; gluten free pancakes with hemp seeds, shredded coconut, honey and toasted pumpkin seeds.

dolores park with a brown bag of cherries and some cookbooks.

blackberry pear cider at zeitgeist.

dinner at west of pecos, bourbon and an assortment of meats (including pork belly with crispy brussel sprouts and pickled onions.)

strawberry and white balsamic ice cream at smitten.

weekend at the berkeley house

saturday night, by the fire in the garden:



woke up to family breakfast. alejandro had gone out for coffee and bacon and everyone made something—pesto scrambled eggs, sweet potato home fries, lemon and garlic asparagus, massaged kale—and we ate outside in the sun in our pajamas.

treasure island flea to finally get something to put on my walls. food trucks, acrobatics, word games, sitting in the grass by the water listening to 60s records.





weekly retweet roundup

weekly retweet roundup

weekly retweet roundup

a weekend with katie

dinner and tea at peacefood before a CTY reunion at the parlour. taking three trains to get home. eating leftovers and curling up in bed.


lil dicky videos in our pjs. getting dressed is hard, layers are important. walking to williamsburg to find that ella is closed, but station has good brunch. mimosas make me sleepy. running through penn station to catch the train to princeton. getting picked up at the junction by mom and dad, like we’ve been doing for 15 years. grading papers at the battlefield. making a seasonal dinner from whole earth center bounty: red leaf lettuce with goat cheese, multicolored grape tomatoes, toasted pumpkin seeds and a sunflower oil and cider vinegar dressing; roasted cauliflower with sauteed baby bellas, roasted yellow squash and semi-caramelized onions; and for dessert, pear halves hollowed, with a square of almond chocolate in the cup, filled with almond butter, roasted and topped with toasted pumpkin seeds. sitting at the kitchen table grading papers after dinner, drinking jasmine tulsi tea. poring over the almost 20 years of CTY memorabilia that lives in my childhood bedroom. falling asleep watching friends.


making two kind of pancakes for breakfast, a sweet and a savory. napping in the car with my and katie’s heads stacked on top of each other.