a letter i wrote to myself on the digital detox retreat, to be delivered just after my birthday

hey you!

if you’re reading this letter, you’ve turned 28 and you’re not dead. on the outside, at least; are you still being aware, and present, and mindful? are you using what feel like failures as opportunities for change and growth? are you writing down your thoughts instead of thinking about how exhausting that may be and doing something easier instead. are you allowing yourself to take risks, and allowing yourself to “fail”? are you grateful to your body, kind to your mind, thinking in terms of what you have accomplished instead of what you haven’t? make sure to keep smiling at people—big, genuine smiles. it won’t matter if they think you’re crazy, it won’t matter if they don’t smile back. maybe it’s because they forgot how to smile and they need you to reteach them. make sure that when you give hugs they’re long, and real. say gratitudes every day, different ones; if you don’t feel like you have anything original to be grateful for, go do something.

i don’t know where you’re heading when it comes to food, or love, or work, or purpose. you probably won’t either. just remember to be right where you are whenever you’re there. know that it can disappear in an instant, but don’t live in fear or dread, or with guilt.

you’re kind to others, but don’t just do it because you don’t know how to be kind to yourself—you have to learn that, too. maybe one day you will even believe those kindnesses.

you can be happy or sad, or strong or weak; you can be any dichotomy, anywhere on any spectrum, as long as you are here, and you are now.

please know you’re loved…

january 27, 2013

weekly retweet roundup

weekly retweet roundup

a night at the berkeley house

last night we made dinner at emily and alex’s and i wished there was a piece of technology that could capture feelings. i always feel home when i’m with them, especially when i’m there at the house. we cooked, picked spinach from the garden and grilled chicken in the back yard, and it felt like being in rochester, at a dinner at chester’s. we are dinner at the low table in the living room, sitting on low pillows, by candlelight, with a fire going. later we had chocolate that tasted like blackberries and i fell asleep by the fire.

monthly retweet roundup

29 ways to stay creative

make lists

carry a notebook

free writing

get away from the computer

be otherworldly

quit beating yourself up

take breaks

sing in the shower

drink coffee/tea

know your roots

listen to new music

be open

surround yourself with creative people

get feedback


don’t give up

practice, practice, practice

allow yourself to make mistakes

go somewhere new

watch foreign films

count your blessings

get lots of rest

take risks

break the rules

do more of what makes you happy

don’t force it

read a page of the dictionary

create a framework

stop trying to be someone else’s perfect

got an idea? write it down

clean your workspace

have fun

finish something

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