@in_my_ears playlist, january 7

follow that bird – wooden bones

break it up – excavate

holly golightly + dan melchior – directly from my heart

new pornographers – twin cinema

robert pollard – gratification to concrete

wizard oz – I can’t remember

wavves – I wanna meet dave grohl

neil young – I’ll come running

dum dum girls – he gets me high

sunset valley – wired nights

cloud nothings – understand at all

a great big pile of leaves – we don’t need our heads

like pioneers – boggs

poison control center – tiny isle

the dodos – going under

fishboy – taqueria girl

neon indian – polish girl

white denim – no real reason

sea of bees – marmalade

nurses – hungry mouth

okmoniks – not that good

clap your hands say yeah – statues

thurston moore – benediction

fruit bats – you’re too weird

sports – lawyers singing sweetly

frowning clouds – all night long

youth of the beast – shotgun army

lawlands – a diving soulful love

lissy trullie – madeleine

cocktails – ozark lake

slowdance – spell

radical dads – know-it-all

south ambulance – simple obligation of a man


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