digital detox

family dinner, silence beads, basket of blankets, typewriter, tea, building the fire, lemon coconut truffles, gratitudes, sweet potato curry with cabbage slaw and quinoa, getting lost in the redwoods.

“i went on a date with myself and never called myself again” — neta

i am grateful for newness, and for sameness.

“right now this house is full of light and love and warmth. we’re back from montgomery, sitting together in front of the fire, and there is laughing and discourse and guitar. another reminder that i want my life to be different from how it is now, but i don’t know in what way.”

i am grateful for my body and my mind, which in the real world never feel like enough but here are just right. i am grateful that my body and mind are now strong enough to embrace and participate in all the ways i challenge myself.

“the world is so big and overwhelming and beautiful and frightening and i don’t know its meaning or my purpose.”

real world: digital detox.

@in_my_ears playlist, january 22

shovels + rope – hollowpoint blues

slightly stoopid – don’t stop

liz phair – baby got going

donovan – josie

toy love – swimming pool

the blank tapes – coast to coast

king tuff ft gap dream – she’s on fire

elizabeth and the catapult – taller children

magic wands – teenage love

blitzen trapper – wild mountain nation #langerado

you won’t – who knew

natural child – b$g p$mp$n

a b + the sea – yellow haired girl

be good tanyas – human thing

lilac – go your own way

jacuzzi boys – planet of the dreamers

the orwells – in my bed

ringo starr – it don’t come easy

weekend in tahoe

frannie, snowshoes, cocktail hour, family meals, the bears, trapping racoons with hummus, lisa loeb singalong, soundtrack, charades





“fell asleep reading dharma bums while everyone went sledding and then into town. woke up to tea and cheese and chocolate and an orange. now we’re watching reality bites and nick made a batch of martinis. later leah will make dinner and we’ll play celebrities.”

@in_my_ears playlist, january 21

nuclear rodeo – merry christmas

the henry clay people – california wildfire

the mallard – old hates tatesale

jill+john – shaky hands

hunx + his punx – too young to be in love

the doozer – fold up chair

dustin wong – pink diamond

big troubles – sad girls

young jesus – news

capybara – late night bikes

lumineers – classy girls (from “tracks from the attic”)

pixies – u mass (coachella ’04)

beaten awake – you remind me of me

justin townes earle – harlem river blues

the sea and cake – up on the north shore

the sea and cake – covers

@in_my_ears playlist, january 14

south ambulance – simple obligation of a man

mountain goats – white box

jeff buckley – eternal life

mates of state – fraud in the 80s

the wheelers – milwaukee black + tan

the downer party – country kids

young man – fate

parts+labor – rest

the liminanas – down underground

zig zags – wastin my time

pipes you see, pipes you don’t – days remain

native america – oh my gracious

the spring standards – chicago

the strange boys – american radio

churches – save me

fletcher c johnson – messin up my mind

dr dog – that old black hole

the drums – down by the water

bill baird – captain brain

tiny victories – lost weekend

shovels+rope – the winner

the stepkids – legend in my own mind

city tribe – le billet doux (live)

marnie stern – for ash

first weekly twitter roundup of 2013

easy joys

watch the sunrise at least once a year, put a lot of marshmallows in your hot chocolate, lie on your back and look at the stars, never buy a coffee table you can’t put your feet on, never pass up a chance to jump on a trampoline, don’t overlook life’s small joys while searching for the big ones.

— H. Jackson Brown Jr.